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PSA 9 BIG THREE! Paradox Rift Pack Battle!

PSA 9 BIG THREE! Paradox Rift Pack Battle!

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Paradox Rift Booster Box Break!

This purchases you 1 entry (1 pack opening) in the upcoming Booster Box Break.

This pack will be opened LIVE on youtube @FamRipPokemon!

The top card value pulled (EX card or better) based on Raw Value on at the time of the opening will win the below!

1st Place: PSA 9 SIR Charizard 151!

2nd Place: PSA 9 SIR Blastoise from 151!

3rd Place: PSA 9 SIR Venusaur from 151!

Free Tracking with Shipping to all 3 Winners!

*Cards from packs are used as qualification to win and not purchasing/receiving the actual cards in the pack.

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